About CCAP

Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground provides high quality play provision for children and young people with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

When possible, we enable local children, and siblings of our registered to attend the playground or take part in specific activities/events.

We want to develop our service to be a more holistic.  Extending the range of opportunities available for Children and Young people with SEND, their siblings and families. 

To achieve our aims CCAP is implementing fundraising and income generation activities.  If you would like to support CCAP achieve its ambitions please get in touch…..

We support children and young people from 5-19 years of age and offer a diverse range of challenging and exciting play opportunities in a spacious, purpose built setting. The playground has a large, friendly and experienced staff team who take time to build relationships with the users and parents/carers alike. A child-centred approach is central to all aspects of the playground’s development and we encourage our users to become active participants in shaping its future.

Functioning as more than just a playground, Charlie Chaplin offers a social aspect to respite/short breaks that few other agencies can claim to provide. This is of great benefit to parents and carers as well as our users. Children learn from each other and develop new skills and understandings in a nurturing and supportive environment while parents and carers are able to catch up with other priorities safe in the knowledge that their children are being well looked after and having fun.

Funding is the key factor governing the playground’s long term sustainability and future. We are keen to work closely with other organisations and businesses to maintain and develop the range of services we currently provide.

A Day at the Playground:

Every day and session at Charlie Chaplin is full of opportunities to have fun. Children are supported to play freely and choose from a wide range of play experiences. All playschemes and Saturday clubs are concluded with a group circle time, and during afterschool clubs children and staff come together to share a snack at tea time. As well as the extensive and varied range of activities on site during playschemes, Charlie Chaplin provides a programme of exciting off site trips devised in conjunction with the children and young people. Throughout the year the playground holds special events these have included parties, film screenings, camps and specialist workshops.

Staffing and Support:

Charlie Chaplin has a team of experienced Play workers who support children to play, have fun, make friends and take part in a range of exciting activities and opportunities.

Many of the playground’s users require intensive support.  We do this by providing a key worker to the child (known as the 1:1 ratio).   Some children with more severe and compound needs need additional support and we do this by providing 2 key workers to the child (known as the 2:1 ratio).

Children will attend the playground on a saturday for an assessment session.  This enables us to determine the correct level of care that the child will need when they start to use the playground on a regular basis.

Where possible we support children with lesser SEND needs to access the playground.  We do this by having a lower staff ratio for the children (for example 1 member of staff supporting 4 children).

I was a young volunteer at Chaplin and now I have come to work here as there was so much laughter and joy and I can see the difference that it makes to the children’s lives. Playworker

Registered Users: (Including disabled children and their brothers and sisters)

Following an assessment and offer of a place at Charlie Chaplin registered users will be sent forms to book sessions at the playground. A detailed Child Record Form is completed for all new children to ensure that their individual needs and preferences are known and available to all staff at all times.

Local Users:

Charlie Chaplin welcomes children without disabilities to come and play. These places are allocated on a first come first served basis and cannot be guaranteed. Local users under 8 years old, or whose parents have web specified that they do not want their child to leave the playground unaccompanied, need to be collected by an adult over 18 years old. Local users over 8 may leave the playground unaccompanied but need to sign out with the person on the register. The playground has a locked gate that is only opened by staff, to keep all children safe.

Referral Information:

Charlie Chaplin accepts referrals for disabled children and young people from the Social Services, Children With Disabilities Teams in Lambeth and Southwark. We also accept some referrals from other partner organisations and are happy to discuss provision for children from other boroughs – please contact the playground for further information. Children without disabilities who wish to attend as local users do not need to be referred – please see the above Local User section.

“I was scared on my first day, and then I went on the long slide and felt happy.” Playground User 5 years


A limited transport service to and from the playground is provided for some children and priority is given to those children with mobility difficulties and those with no other way of reaching the service. Places on this service are in high demand. Please speak to the Senior or one of the Deputy Senior Playworkers for more information.

About the Site:

Charlie Chaplin has a large fully secure site, including landscaped outside play space and an indoor play building. Below is a list of some of the site’s highlights:

I have loads of friends, we go on the swings and we go high up. It’s really fun. Playground User 7 years.